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jueves, 18 de septiembre de 2014

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Sanjeev Gupta left a message for you

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La pintura mas famosa del mundo

The World Most Famous Artist

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Bulk chemical analyses by ICP-AES methods of gem-quality,completely colorless crystals and crystals having a distinct pink-red outer zone showed that the pink material contains 20 ppm Mn while the colorless matrial showed>8ppm.Iron contents are also higer in the pink material (0.08% vs. 0.05%).Chemical analysis by LA-ICP-MS methods of individual spots within a color-zoned crystals showed Mn to be clearly concentrated in the pink-red zone:MnO (0.065 weight%) and Fe2O3(0.035 weight%.Cr,V,Co and other possible chromophers were not detected.Trivalent Mn and Fe are probably substituting for the octahedral Al in the topaz structure.

Red Topaz

PinkTopaz.jpg rt

Pink Topaz

U.S. Geological Survey

Pink Topaz from the Thomas Range,Juab Country,Utah
E.E.Foord,W.Chirnside,F.E.Lichte,and P.H.Briggs
U.S.Geological Survey
Box 25046
Denver Federal Center
Denver Colorado 80225

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The occurrence is sporadic and appers to be structurally controlled by late-stage ring fractures and random fractures within the rhyolite host.The majory of the quartz and feldespar inclusions.Crystals may be as much as 4cm in length.Some smaller crystals (<> All crystals are a yellow-orange sherry color in unopend lithophysal cavities and typically fade to colorless in a matter of days to a week or two,depending on the air temperature,amount and intensity of light. Heating causes the color to fade rapidly.Some crystals,however,do not completely fade to colorless but reveal an outer zone that is distinctly pink to reddish pink in color. The pink-red zone is stable to light and heat.

My Mother,Leo and Al

My Mother,Leo and Al
Durango City

Pink Topaz

Pink Topaz

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Pink Topaz Lot

My mombre is Alberto Thirion, I am of Mexican origin and this is a French translation automomática.
I will be live on that I think that's how it should proceed in life, and I'm looking for a partner who lives in the United States and known gems, to commercialize a large batch of topaz, in their most rare and expensive varieties , as are the pink topaz genuine (not "burned" like that comes from Brazil, and that saturated the market) good, said in addition also, red and violet, which are more expensive and rare stones that rosa.Las I come from mine, I have many years of experience in the gems and stones bosques.Las are now in my cellar and ready for comersialización.


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German Gemmological Association

Academie voor Mineralogie

Federation for European Education in Gemmology

The Mineralogy,Geology and Occurrence of Topaz

Michael A. Menzies
#28,1901 Varsity Estates Drive N.W
Calgary,Alberta,Canada,T3B 4T7

Topaz occurs in range of fluorine-rich silicate
environoments,fromplutonic through volcanic,and very rerely metamorphic.Gem crystals in cavities form under more limited conditions,primarely in granite-derived pegmatites,greisens and rarer hidrothermal vins,as well as in some rhyolites.Such deposits worldwide produce a variety of habits and colors of this popular mineral and gemstone.

The well-known topaz rhiolites of central Mexico (Durango,Zacatecas,San Luis Potosi and Guanajuato) are described by Sinkankas (1959 and 1976),Burt and Sheridan (1985),and Panczner (1987).Burt and Sheridan report that the Mexican deposits appear related to a common magmatic episode around 39 million years ago.In contrast to the rhyolites of the western U.S.,these rhyolites lack garnet,contain tin rather than molybdenum, and are associated with born-rich intrusions.The topaz crystals themselves are very similar to those from Utah, though some have a more pronounced reddish hue due to included hematite. Sinkankas (1959 ) describes the representative deposit near Tepetate,southwest of San Luis Potosi.